Project Categories

Animation, social, and gaming

Developed iOS-based mobile animation engine and consumer app with social gameplay.


iOS, Android, and web SDKs for use in third-party mobile digital publications.


Design of CANBus-based remote vehicle gateway, mobile SDKs, and back-end services to enable shared vehicle fleet system for leading vehicle manufacturer.


Developed enterprise P2P video caching and playback software for Mac and iOS. Based on C++ core engine.

Classic Bluetooth

Consumer iOS app with MFI-compliant External Accessory Framework, IAP protocol, and audio support to work with wearable consumer bracelet.

Embedded analytics to measure use of Classic Bluetooth profiles and remotely track errors.

Content Delivery

Development of digital multimedia player (including animation and audio) for Windows 8 app (C#, C++). Featured on Windows app-store front-page.


iOS and Android SDKs to enable deep-linking and referral campaign tracking in mobile applications.


Consumer-based Android phone and tablet apps showing realtime realty data with mapping and search.


Automatic problem detection and use-based maintenance scheduling for B2B connected-devices. Project saved millions of dollars vs standard time-based maintenance by avoiding unnecessary service trips.


iOS-based custom skinning library for use in creation of ‘themed’ white-label applications.


Designed and developed Automatic Material Replenishment system for large-scale manufacturing, for on-demand delivery of material to assembly stations using self-driving robots.

Social media

Consumer app with support for geo-tagged local postings, community notes, and media exchange (cross between Craigslist and NextDoor).


Development of prototype iPad-based streaming application for one of the largest cable TV providers in Europe.


Multi-threading support for Mac-based VR animation rendering system. IOT and connected devices


Among first to reverse-engineer Apple iBeacon protocol with implementation on BlueGiga and TI Bluetooth chipsets. Gave technical presentation at Andreesen Horowitz and IOT World conference covering technology.


Developed protocol, BLE SDK, and consumer app for wearable notification device with support for Apple Notification Center Service (ANCS).


B2B iOS and Android apps to communicate via BLE with wearable sensor tag for animal telemetry. Included sending data to Firebase server.

Open-source serverless platform for easily building connected devices.


Developed iOS, Android, and Apple Watch versions of consumer app for control of self-balancing electric skateboard.


Designed protocol, iOS and Android BLE SDK, and manufacturing test/app for award-winning consumer healthcare device.


Developed Pebble Watch app enabling wrist-gesture control of remote-control airplane via BLE.


Designed protocol, BLE SDK, and consumer app for wireless in-ear headphones.

Own projects


Designed and developed a new 100% native mobile browser. Featured native UI support with custom markup language and integrated Python scripting. System included browser, authoring tool, embeddable SDK, and integrated app-store. Used technology to ship native iOS client application showing extreme weather data worldwide. with support for 3D, mapping, and web view.


Developed Python / Django-based back-end server to obtain and cache extreme weather data from NASA.


Developed a business card exchange app with custom card layout design, imaging, geolocation, and server-based sharing. Python / Django- based custom back-end.


Developed iBeacon and Eddystone SDK to easily build proximity- based applications for iOS, Android, and AndroidWear. Python / Django- based back-end.


Developed consumer-based vehicle parking application. Winner of Macworld Best of Show award. Featured app iOS app-store. In use in 90 countries.


Developed iOS-based animated game with head-to-head game play. Use of Core Animation, multimedia, and motion-gestures.


Have given numerous technical conference and Meetup presentations on technical topics ranging from BLE to wearables, proximity technologies, connected devices, and firmware development.

3x startup co-founder

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